The Digital Empire – Modern Web Etiquette

By Niko McGlashan


Everyday, the internet has an increasingly larger role in almost every aspect of our lives. As the internet has evolved, it has engendered many new purposes, ranging from paying bills to social media. With these relatively new features, there has surfaced many practices that are nuanced as appropriate by society. It is sometimes hard to perceive what is appropriate with the progress of something as vast as the World Wide Web, but the best way to work within society’s guidelines when on the internet is to behave as you would in person.

Many acronyms are used for terms or words such as “LOL” or even “U,” which is acceptable when attempting to convey a quick message to a friend, but is inappropriate for professional use. When posting to a large audience, it is best to steer clear of improper grammar. Overusing acronyms may convey sloppiness and even be deemed impolite.

There are many different methods of leaving your mark on the internet, all of which have different audiences. Before posting, contemplate, “Who is going to see this?” Although it is acceptable to comment on daily activities, you had better think before making a public post about your excitement for a friend’s upcoming surprise party! Acting on anger or swearing in print is never advisable, as it can instigate unforeseeable consequences.

These principles exist predominantly on social sites, but can apply to many elements of the web. Remember, much like a tattoo, it is much easier to post something onto the internet than it is to remove it. When you’re on the internet, you face a vast audience that may or may not know you. As the internet is an extension of your social identity, it would only make sense to behave as you would in person.

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