Module 8- If a Picture Tells a Thousand Words…

by Niko McGlashan

ImageMy partner and I have created a video regarding the severity of terms of use

which contain pivotal factors that, when read, may alter one’s choice of agreeing to a license.

In this particular case, I was swindled into giving up my privacy, food, and xbox by ignoring the specifications of a contract.

Although this appears to be an exaggeration, some of the information that companies extract from contracts

can be of extreme importance for the organization further their profits. In the editing process, we made around ~12 video cuts,

3 audio edits, and used creative commons license material, which was then merged to create the final picture at the end of the video. We hope to convey an important

message regarding the importance of conditions, in a form that intrigues viewers to entrench the content.


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